One Stop

We manage a modern in-house fleet of container feeders and mini-bulkers – with far-sighted planning, constantly optimizing processes and transparent documentation. Together with our partners and employees, we pool our expertise to provide the full range of services in our segment.


Maximum operational capability for all ships entrusted to us – the result of decades of home-grown expertise.

We plan, organize, and do most of the work ourselves. This enables us to find the smartest and most efficient solution for every problem. Extremely helpful for this: A fully equipped workshop on site and a forward-looking spare parts management. Thanks to our sister ship concept, we can keep important parts in stock – cost-effectively and more independently from supply chains.

Proximity to the ship, close links with the best experts and a well-stocked warehouse render us decisive cost advantages every day.


Efficiency and focus pay off – in costs, cash flows and returns. Our investors appreciate that.

Whether it’s accounting, freight billing, reporting, or annual financial statements – we offer complete commercial support for all ships and their companies. Transparency, reliability, and accuracy are the hallmarks of all our processes. As a result, you receive sound and meaningful reports for your next decisions – and dedicated advice in all commercial matters.


Particularly efficient ships need excellent teams. We have the networks to create them.

Thanks to our cooperation partners, our pool of team players and experts has grown over the years. We know each other, we recommend each other, we learn from each other. This familiarity creates trust – this is how we succeed in achieving a high level of continuity among the crew, who enjoy being on “their” ship. We can build on this long-term personnel management.

Newbuildings / S&P Consulting

Our knowledge is in demand because we master an exciting segment in a promising industry.

Together with our partners from the shipyard industry, the financial sector, and charterers, we develop concepts for second-hand purchases and for newbuilding projects. In doing so, we are passionate about innovating our future fleet: economical in consumption, gentle on our natural resources and flexible enough for ever smarter transport solutions. We know the challenges for tomorrow and the day after – and plan accordingly.

Interested in our latest projects? Get touch with us! Our concepts are impressive. And so are our figures to date.

Are you looking for smart solutions in technology, financial management, financing, or ship design? Our experts will support your experts – and gladly provide the missing piece in the puzzle.


Our expertise is strongly focused on chartering for short sea shipping and container feeder tonnage.

Success in the maritime industry requires reliability and continuity in cooperation. Therefore, we maintain long-term business relationships as well as international contacts with charterers, shipbrokers, and industrial customers. Our fleet is designed to meet the different requirements and specific areas of operation of our customers.